The Disappearing Caravan

…cos I can make things disappea!

S-T-E-P-H-E-N K-I-N-G spells Unique March 6, 2010

Do you smell Oranges?

Sometimes he is too American for me to relate to him,to realise his analogies and have a hearty laugh.

Sometimes he is just too talkative.

But sometimes,he is just,well readable.To the end.

I finished the Dream catcher with lots of adrenaline rush,and cluthing my bedsheets in sweaty moments of paranoia,and sometimes just spacing out.

Lisey’s Story,let’s just not talk about it.



The Shining?Shit Scary. I wish I could say that…but not really.Creepy?you bet.

Do you smell oranges?Do you shine?

Say,can you tell me what REDRUM means?

Red RUM? or RED DRUM?Perhaps…MURDER spelled backwards?Usually I don’t read “horror” stories.It just isn’t as effective as the visuals.But I have been trying to crack King for a while now,and The Shining came across as something I’d like to read through the end.Um,correction…I would be ABLE to read through the end.

Besides,I hate dropping books midway.REALLY REALLY hate.

Anyhoo I digrees.

To The Shining then.

With the Opening of the book,we are introduced to the Torrance family consisting  Jack Torrance-the struggling-writer ,his wife Wendy and their son Danny.So yes,Danny has the Shine as he is told by Dick Halloran,chef of the Overlook Hotel where Jack Torrance gets job as the winter caretaker after being fired from the post of a school teacher after a case of student abuse.

“The Shine” as we get to know it,is the ability to communicate by telepathy,getting premonitions,seeing things that aren’t there,and just stuff if you tell others might get you locked in a padded room.LOSING YOUR MARBLES,as Danny is quick to realise.But not quite so.

Danny’s special ability is quick to tell him that moving to The Overlook is the worst decision the Torrance family would ever take,and till the end of the book,we aren’t disappointed.

There are phantom guests drinking phantom martinis,however the party decorations are quite real.So real,so so real that you wonder how come you are not part of the fun.How?

And then you want to be.And this is the part where the Hotel gets to you.You want to murder your wife and son,and prove to the Hotel that you are of managerial timber,a dead grotesque woman who wants to wring your neck doesn’t bother you.And you lie.Lie about the hedge animals that move.Lie that you are seeing things too.Lie that you want a drink,so bad that you could kill.


I need a drink.

Watch the sheets though. Just watch the sheets,will you.


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