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Meddling with the mind March 14, 2010

Ring-a ding-a ling!

It’s an established fact that I like the weird.Bollywood certainly isn’t swimming in the type of weird I like,though there’s other kind,with no particular reference or offence meant.
But sometimes,there comes a movie,in our very own Btown that is pretty darn uncharted,has a flavour of newness,weirdness and thus awesomeness.It is an established fact that think-y stuff doesn’t sell in Bollwood and thus films like Golmaal and even OSO for that matter keep the box office madly ringing while Mumbai Meri Jaan and A Wednesday feed on a few spare change.

Karthik Calling Karthik.Hm.I don’t know if the movie is wholly commercial(yes I do read the newspaper,but this has probably just passed me,so enlighten me),or of the 3 Idiots tango team,but it certainly is enjoyable makes for a good movie going/viewing experience.Besides I have a HUGE crush on Farhan Akhtar.

The story revolves around Karthik who happens to be treated like a doormat,and has been taking it lying down for ages-right from his sly-ass landlord to his equally slimy boss.But one phone call changes his life.And that isn’t a lame “God calling” situation.Dig it?

This mysterious caller calls himself Karthik,sounds like Karthik,knows his credit card pin number and even the colour of his underoos socks.And if you have ever have had a heavy dose of Stephen King,Mary Higgins Clark or Sidney Sheldon,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the poor frog has MPD AKA Multiple personality disorder,in other words something VERY wrong,deep down.

Speaking of Deep down,the first word which comes to your mind?




And the very first NAME that comes to your mind,in relation with subconscious?


But,the *unconscious* has occupied a place in the Western World since the 1600s in English and Greek writings,starting from Augustine who lived 1500 years before Freud,and more *recently* Descartes and Saint Aquinas.
Freud divided the mind into three planes to understand the personality of a person..

the conscious: Or the immediate awareness

the preconscious Or the objects that the mind is aware off,but is beyond immediate awareness and can be summoned at will.

and finally the subconsciousthe state of the mind which which carefully masks the deepest desire of the person,and is not even in the reach of the awareness,immediate or otherwise.Dreams,Freud said are an important way of interpreting the subconsciousness desire of the person.Like the poor lamb Walter Mitty,repressed by a bossy wife daydreams and is chided by and laughed at by strangers and acquaintances alike.But in his fantasies,he is the best pilot a squadron could boast to have,the best soldier his fellow officers could ask for,the best lover,the smoothest criminal.(The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber)

This is just in theory though,and I’m a noob…so how the hell am I supposed to work that out?
Hm,so one day I saw a HUGE poster of Satyajit Ray somewhere near Dhakuria Bridge,and and like all things in passing,I promptly forgot about it.Yet,I dreamt of being on a set with Ray.I wonder what that means,hm.Can you give me something of that sort that has happened to you,silly…it happens all the time heh 😛

Often in case of immense grief,or a horribly bad incident,the mind tries to cushion the senses,and prepares a defense mechanism of its own.These defense mechanisms maybe in the form of alter egos or alternative personalities living within a person,yet out of reach.The alter ego maybe of a different age,or even a different gender or even from a different era.Creepy,no?

And the worst part?You can run from your house,your friends,the hooded stranger who marks your shadows and makes you jump..but,can you run from yourself?Kinda hard,don’t you think?

So folks,who’s on in your mind? 😉


P.s:Suggest some books on the similar subject I might like,please?Thanks 🙂

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