The Disappearing Caravan

…cos I can make things disappea!

About Me February 10, 2010

Hi there!

Welcome to my pad,I’m just setting out here,so things are just a bit…well not organized 🙂 But thats soon going to change!

So me,where do I start?Do I tell you about my dog first,or my smelly sock.Hmm 😉 Oh well,to begin with,I’m an almost twenty year old from India majoring in English Literature.I love reading,animals,writing some and wondering around my city discovering stuff I didn’t know for the twenty years,correction almost twenty years I have lived here.There’s more to me than my Vagabondish streak,ofcourse.

And the first that deserves to be mentioned is that I’m a HUGE fan of Fantasy,which might mistakenly make me come across as escapist,but really I’m not.Neveretheless I DIG Harry Potter,Eragon and the likes,even to the point of dreaming snd wishing they were true.Not just witches and Warlocks,but Vampires and unicorns,also.At Twenty.Yes.

Secondly I LOVE reading.I don’t go by pre conceived notions,I have always preferred to read a book and then form my own opinion about it,and I’d ask you to do the same,thank you very much.Some of my favourite authors include J.K Rowling(ofcourse),Enid blyton(yes still,what can I say,I grew up with her),Agatha Christie(as fascinating at 40 as it was as at 12,I believe),Khaled Hosseini(beautiful just beautiful),Ernest Hemingway,Frederick Forsyth,Alexander Mclean,Pearl S. buck,E.M Remarque,Gabriel Garcia Marquez,etc.

I wouldn’t say I’m big on traveling,but I’m jus MAd about certain cities/countries around the world…the historical charm,that charm of an era bygone,and ofcourse the beauty,the cutlure and the people attract me SO.

  1. Italy
  2. Egypt
  3. Vatican City
  4. Palestine
  5. OZ
  6. Belgium
  7. Germany
  8. Paris

…a just a teeny,tiny list of cities/countries I’d like to live in,yes live ,not just visit before I drift off to lala land.

More?just keep reading my blog 😉


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