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“Fascination for the abomination” and other whatsits February 26, 2010

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The other day at college we were doing Milton,ya know,the blind women hating poet?*And how he was apparently from the Devil’s party according to some Romantic Critics,which our teacher dismissed as tosh because hello!Milton?…the STAUNCH Puritan…of the devil’s Parday? It seemed increculous even to stupid ol’ me,but apparently they had reasons.If Paradise Lost,the great english epic be closely examined,some of the most ornate,magnanimous,and beautiful speeches has been assigned to Satan,the rebel angel,The Devil himself.The Reason?Milton didnot want it to be a cakewalk for God when they are tearing at each other warring in Heaven.Okay,I’ll stop your crash course in literature right here and move on to what was buzzing around me head.

Voldemorte.Ring a bell?

I have always been strangely attracted to this man,as deliciously evil he might be.To me he has always been more fascinating than Harry and his friends,even the uber handsome bad boy Sirius,or good ol’ Dumblydorr.Voldy commands respect,is a smooth talker much like Milton’s Satan and his “fascination for the abomination” is what makes him so appealing.

OR take Bluebeard and his awesomely curious wife for example.Thousands of rooms-free t explore,yet one tiny room that she was forbidden to visit,but she did and boy!what a scare…severed heads of all his previous seven wives,cursing him to hell in their death

And now,we have our very own forbidden contemporary(hardly)…Edward.However,I donot find him as delicious as his father,or ze werewolf.Vampires.Werewolves.Forbidden.Abomination.STRANGELY FASCINATING.

Why just literary characters?It holds true for us well(and this what I was eager to come to).Many a time I have snuck out some fiery liquid from my dad’s liqour cabinet and then *forgot* to tell him about it.Further down memory lane,it was Mum’s lipsticks I wish I had pictures,I looked quite the diva(blip!).

More recently,its my detour around the city.I just love jumping on a bus going round and round the city discovering things about the place I have lived in for twenty years,but never known.Mum would freak out.Dad?Notsomuch.But its an unsaid thing that such detours alone are FORBIDDEN.And hence,deliciously welcome!

Whats your bluebeard story?

* That was said in good humour

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I like the smell of new paint too often February 17, 2010

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I have finally figured it out.

I know what I want to do with my life.

Who am I kidding?I’m one confused lamb.

What do you do when you have a LOT of options?And you are as confused as I am?

You play with it all,and make a frightful paste of all bad options thats just EW to look at and clean up.And you moan,and whine and blame and crib,but you go on playing with the ghastly paste.

God,I’ve got to tell you…Blogger is AWESOME,and the best part? its free.And it ain’t half bad…got many bells and whistles you can add on from thrid party apps which blogger *indigenously* doesn’t provide.BUT.Oh my marshmellows…I got SO damn tired playing with it all…I couldn’t satisfy myself with ANYTHING I did to the damn blog.I couldn’t keep my the blog’s new finery on for I know,as a girl,I have the inherent right to be a crabby bitch and pout and complain that I have nothing to wear while looking at a closetfull of the good stuff..(here,are you confused darlin’s?What’s she talking about? dress dress?Or blog dresswear.It’s blog wear I’m ripping apart here)

But really,HOW long can you tinker with your new toy?Obviously long enough,but not with without getting tired of it all.The point?I took an extended vacation from blogger ,and am setting up my pad here for2)awhile b)ever…whichever floats me boat 😉

The free stuff here doesn’t allow me to play the field as much,which for the moment…is just what I needed.Like they say,If you can’t nail the bird,jail freaking flailing birdie,mon!

Chop chop!

Pic found here

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